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Business card design

9 May , 2016  

Stunning business cards, with “Print Preview”


We love business card design


At Superframe, we love designing original business cards that deliver the definitive first impression to your clients. We have access to a massive array of finishing techniques, including:

Using one or a combination of these effects with great typography and colour can give you a truly unique card design that will stick in the mind of any recipient.


Why not contact us and let us know who you need to impress with your business cards.

Just colour is not enough

There is a problem, though. Even if you could research and appreciate all of these different finishes, you might struggle to visualise them in use on your design when your designer shows you a colour mock-up before printing the final article. The more-difficult-to-simulate finishing options cannot be shown accurately using Illustrator and Photoshop drawing techniques (if you are lucky enough to receive those).


Looking at the colour design only, you can see that the details of the white foil layer and the debossed impressions in the card as well as the texture of the card itself are all impossible to discern. If this was the only preview image you saw, you would have to imagine the rest until a sample copy could be produced.

Visual effects to the rescue

Fear not, however! We have developed a system for simulating and previewing the myriad of finishing options available in print design using our visual effects (VFX) system.


We can build a computer generated preview of your design and then work on the design while using a virtual camera to ‘photograph’ the results. It looks as if it is sat right in front of you, and all the subtle effects of your finishing options will show through clear as day.

This technique not only provides you (and our printers) with a reliable image showing the intended end result but also allows us all to collaborate creatively to achieve the best possible design for your business.

In fact, every image on this page is computer generated.


Why not contact us and let us know who you need to impress with your business cards.
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